Veterinarians, breeders and pet owners are all singing the praises of i26 and i26 Companion!

My bulldog, Wyatt’s fur started to become dry and brittle and started to fall out. His skin started to darken and his texture was that of elephant skin. I started him daily servings of six Chewables of i26 Companion. Within two weeks his skin started to look normal again, become flesh toned, and the hair started to grow back in. This is when I knew i26 was really working!!!! Within 4 weeks, Wyatt’s coat had come back, and looked better than ever.

Tracy Wozniak
Kwiat Kennels
Western, NY

Ruthie had a complete tear on her cruciate ligament two years ago that required extensive surgery. Her recovery process included i26 Companion and limited exercise for 14 weeks. Her recovery with i26 was half the time expected and the healing was PERFECT! I will never have ANY surgery on my dogs without using some form of i26. Her mobility is so good that Ruthie is now known as "Bionic Woman". She and I could not be happier!

One of my other English Bulldogs, Djanga, had a weight problem and we tired everything to get some of the weight off. I started her on three i26 Companion which triggered something in her metabolism because she is now 15lb. lighter

Tracy Wozniak
Kwiat Kennels
Western, NY

My dog is up and around again!
I have had dogs all my life, mostly big dogs, and they have always had the best food, vitamins, and care. They always got a lot of exercise as well. A number of years ago, Tasha my collie mix started having a lot of trouble, getting up or laying down, and then she started refusing to take a walk, her most favorite part of the day. I thought we were going to lose her.

Then one morning while mixing making a shake with my i26 I started reading the can and I thought hey! She's got an immune system- it can't hurt her since it is all natural, so I started adding i26 and 2 FLEX to her food; and within 3 days she was able to get up again.

Within 7-10 days Tasha was going up the stairs again; to my daughter’s bedroom door. [This is her favorite sleeping spot, since she is the self-appointed guardian of my daughter]. Within a number of weeks, Tasha was throwing toys in the air and daring me and the other dogs to chase her-running around the yard- I was stunned!

All the dogs have been on i26 for years now, Tasha is now 14 and you wouldn't know it by looking at her- the other two are 7 and 8 and they show no signs of slowing down- and the kitty has been on i26t since the beginning. When the i26Companion Chewables were introduce, I started them on those since it is one step instead of the three steps (i26, FLEX, vitamins) I was doing. . With four critters, i26 Companion saves me 10 minutes in the morning. What a huge difference it has made!

Englewood, CO

A mother at 10!
Niki, our Australian Shepherd always followed us up into the mountains when we were taking our trail rides. Niki loved being with us and bossing the horses around! Over the last few years however, it has been sad when we were forced to leave her behind because physically, she was unable to keep up with us any longer; she looked so dejected when we left her behind.

Now however, since she's been on the i26 she's back to her old self and has no trouble staying up with us. [The horses seem glad that she's with us again!].

By the way, when Niki was 10 yrs of age and on i26 for about 5 months she had a litter of 10! Not only was it her biggest litter with all the puppies doing well, but there were no runts in this litter!

Fredricksburg, PA

No more digestive problems and no more surprises in the house!
Aubie our pedigreed Chocolate Labrador Retriever who loves everyone with whom she comes in contact. Unfortunately, from the time she was nine months old she kept having accidents and would soil the house and herself. We were going to the vet 2 to 3 times a month trying to figure it out. The vets did what they could to the tune of $250 to $300 dollars a month. This process was expensive, but our dog was worth any cost.

I began taking i26 for my first Marathon. Knowing what it did for me as I was training, made me wonder what it could do for animals. When the i26Companion products were made available, I immediately went and researched the website and i26 effects on the digestive tract. That was all I needed.

We began giving Aubie three i26 Companion Chewables every morning with her food, and began seeing results in about two weeks (and continue to do so until today). At our next visit to the vet her problems were gone. Some said, maybe it was her age, so I stopped i26 Companion and within 48hr she was back to where she had been before. I immediately started her back on the i26 and have not looked back since.

Aubie loves the taste of i26Companion Chewables and will do tricks to get more. It also makes a major difference in her coat which is shiny and dark brown. She’s a highly trained dog with a very passive temperament so after each training session I give her additional i26 Companion to reduce her recovery times and keep her active. Aubie is happier and her unconditional love is allowed to prosper through her personality.

We have also managed to save tremendous amounts of money by cutting back non-standard veterinarian visits, expensive medications, continual testing, and household damage (the result of accidents). Aubie is now free to continue her training and become a better neighborhood friend.


i26 helped save my beautiful husky Cody. He has all his fur and weight back!
The fur on my 10-year-old Siberian Husky, Cody, had been coming out in large clumps for about 16 months and he was left with bright pink skin on both sides of his body—he looked raggedy with his different lengths of hair all over his body. Cody’s appetite had also dwindled down significantly and he had lost quite a bit of weight. He was so exhausted that the most you could get out of him was a tail thump during petting and got so bad that he couldn’t even lift his head when we called his name.

We took him to five different veterinarians who did skin biopsies, fur cultures, and blood tests—none of them could figure out what the problem was. In September, a friend told me about i26 Companion. I was skeptical, but my friend told me about the 90 day satisfaction guarantee. She was that confident! With nothing to lose, I took her up on the offer.

We began giving Cody six i26 COMPANION Chewables every day. After three weeks, we noticed that he was losing less fur. Another week passed and Cody started eating better and walking around more. Then, we started mixing i26 Powder with yogurt for him (a treat he loves!). By the end of October, Cody was up and playing! Before i26 we thought Cody was going to die. I honestly believe that i26 helped to save Cody’s life Today, Cody is a happy boy. He has regained most of his weight and he has a beautiful, healthy-looking coat.

I could not believe that anyone in today’s world would reach out and help a “stranger” the way the folks at Legacy did. Do I believe in i26? You better believe it! I have my big, beautiful Husky back!”

Gaston, SC

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