Keeping your pet healthy starts with a strong immune system!

i26 is not science fiction — it is science in action. i26 Hyperimmune Egg was created by a group of highly qualified immunologists and life sciences researchers as a joint venture between two Fortune 200 companies.

The first supplement to partner directly with your pets immune system!
i26 Companion is the first supplement of its kind using patented Hyperimmune Technology to strengthen immune function through the principle of passive transfer of immunity. By using this novel approach we are able to produce a supplement that works directly with your pets own immune system. Unlike other products that only indirectly support immune function, i26 Companion will help your pet fight off infection and disease by helping the immune system function properly. i26 Companion has been proven in clinical studies to help the immune system become stronger if it is too weak or quiet immune response if it is too active. By helping your pets immune system seek a balanced response dramatic changes in joint, gastrointestinal, skin and cardiovascular function is achieved.

Owners and breeders with their animals on i26 Companion Chewables (i26, with glucosamine, and vitamin and minerals) see major differences in the appearance of the their pet’s eyes, coats, and attitudes.

Pure natural whole egg protein, i26 is based on the principle of passive transfer of immunity and is clinically proven to be safe and effective. It is supported by numerous peer-reviewed research studies and multiple worldwide patents.

i26, hyperimmune egg is listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference and has earned 100 worldwide patents both granted and submitted.

In addition to i26 COMPANION, the i26 powder can be sprinkled on or mixed into pets’ food for even greater opportunity to improve their overall health and well-being. Horses love i26 too! Add one scoop of i26/ 300lb of animal and see the differences yourself!

Your pets immune system is directly tied to:
Joint Inflammation
Skin and Coat health
Digestive problems
Heart and Lung function
Mood and attitude

i26 COMPANION is the only pet product formulated with i26 Hyperimmune Egg and proven to help the body heal itself.

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