Veterinarians, breeders and pet owners are all singing the praises of i26 and i26 Companion!

I have been highly impressed by the changes I have seen in so many of my patients. For example, recently an older dog with excessive weight was having difficulty getting around; he was lethargic and just slept all day. Knowing what i26 does for people, I added i26 Companion for dogs into its daily regimen.

Within less than a week, the dog was playing with the kids again and actively running up and down the stairs. I enjoyed the delight of the family and the children.

Because of their convenience, they and my other clients are thrilled to see i26 Companion Chewables on the shelves!

Roger Baxter, DVM
Chinook, Montana
Large and Small Animal Practice
(f) President of the Montana Veterinary Medical Association

Support of immune function is important in maintaining health, and i26 appears to be unique in its ability to balance pro- and anti-inflammatory responses. As a practitioner that prefers using natural means to help primates, avians, and other exotics stay healthy, I find i26 has helped with my especially difficult cases.

Thomas i. Goldsmith DVM MS
Miami, Florida
Avian and Exotic Medicine

I recommend i26 for the gastrointestinal health of calves and foals. Often by using i26 I have been able to help reverse decisions from owners to “put-down” animals.

In terms of joint support, horses that were limping before demonstrate dramatic differences in their mobility and flexibility. Having i26 and i26 Companion available makes my day more productive, and a lot more enjoyable for my patients and family.

David L. Nirschi, DVM
Mohrsville, PA
Integrative Veterinary Practitioner
Bovine, Equine, Ruminants, and Exotics
Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

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